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Welcome to Manly Croquet Club


The game of Croquet has been in existence for about 150 years and has been played in various areas in Manly since 1901.  The present Clubhouse and three lawns, established in 1967,  are available for members to use seven days a week. 

The Club is informal and inclusive and is open to all men and women to socialise and play together in friendly and competitive Club games.


Participation in internal and inter-club competitions is optional for all skill levels.


There are two forms of the game of croquet currently played at Manly –.

  • Golf Croquet (ideal for new players).

  • Association Croquet (the traditional form)


The game provides low level aerobic exercise, improves flexibility and is mentally stimulating, all in a healthy location and a social environment.

Croquet can be played and enjoyed by people of a wide range of ages and fitness levels, and by those with no previous sports experience who are able to line up a ball and swing a mallet.

We invite you to come and try this excellent sport in the very friendly surrounds of our Club. 


Please phone Rose Anne for a free lesson or two - 0452 606 390.

We invite people who are vaccinated to enjoy Croquet and our Club.

Support Manly Croquet Club - Enter the "Play for Purpose" Raffle

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