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What is Croquet?

Croquet is a game played on lawns using mallets, balls and hoops.  The task is for a player to knock their ball through a sequence of hoops before the opponent can do so.  The game involves 2 or 4 players - each player having a mallet.  There are 4 balls, a series of hoops and a centre peg on a croquet court.

Golf Croquet offers a faster, interactive contest in which players use tactics to be the first to pass through each hoop.  A game of Golf Croquet typically lasts an hour or less. 

Association Croquet has been characterised as a cross between Golf (a stick and ball game), Billiards (Croquet has strokes involving direction changes, cannons and shots of varying distances) and Chess.  With the strategies involved, thinking and planning play a big part.  An Association game can last about two hours.  All forms of the game are great fun and suit all ages.


The view that Croquet is only played by the elderly is not correct.  It is also a game played by people from school age to late retirement as it is not a contact sport, yet poses both physical and mental challenges.  It is a game of strategy as players try to prevent opponent balls from getting ahead while advancing the balls of their own side.

Croquet Court.jpg

The game begins at hoop 1, proceeds around the court to hoop 6, then reverses around the court starting at hoop 1-back to Peg.

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