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Notes from The Editor

Richard Savage reigned victorious over Alan Robinson in the final of the Mayor’s Handicap Singles held on March 6th. It was a fun event and I would like to again thank Colin for all the time he puts in to ensuring the smooth running of our competitions and hopefully these happy faces will encourage more to participate.


I had thought of including a “shot of the month” to inspire you all but now realise it is too late as so many have told of Rose Anne’s simply amazing treble jump shot from some point quite distant from the hoop. No doubt the story became more exciting with each telling but clearly it was totally brilliant and unlikely to be bettered any time soon so congratulations are in order and commiserations to whoever thought their ball in the hoop was safe.


Thanks to John Stewart, our club has been included in this year’s Seniors’ Festival and the open day is on Saturday, April 17th between 10am and 3pm. It would be great to have plenty of volunteers on the day and Blake will be there at 10am to start the balls rolling. 


Annie for Blake (holidaying)


Association Club Championships


This competition is played in divisions according to handicap to determine the winner of each division.

Names of winners go on the boards.

Bronze players play 18 points. Others play 26 point games advanced (with lifts and contacts). All games are limited to two and a half hours.

You are responsible to organize to play other players in your division without too much delay



Seniors' Week

Northern Beaches Council will be promoting our Seniors' Week Introduction to Croquet between 10.00 - 3.00 on Saturday April 17th on their "What's on in Seniors' Week" website at:-  


Manly Croquet Club - Open Day | Northern Beaches Council (

Requesting volunteers on the day to help with introducing visitors to the game.  Blake has volunteered to start the day at 10.00.  I am hoping members will be able to come for 1 - 2 hours during the day, indicating their availability on a form in the clubhouse.

Visitors will be given an introduction to Croquet and a practice game.  Equipment will be provided, the participants need to wear closed footwear and expect to spend about 1 hour on the courts. 


People interested in coming along to try Croquet should contact John Stewart to book a time or for further information (0449 881 624).

John Stewart

Upcoming Social Events for your Diaries


Monday, June 14th Queen’s Birthday Breakfast at 9am Saturday,

Saturday, July 24th Christmas in July at midday (externally catered)

Saturday, December 4th Annual Christmas Party at midday (externally catered)


Further details will be sent out nearer the time. Thank you.




275B Pittwater Road

Manly  NSW  2095                                                                    

(Located behind the Senior Citizens Hall at end of Carpark)

Ph:  0401 248 390


Several local bus routes. 

Parking usually available near Clubhouse. 

You are welcome to visit us and watch during Club play days. 


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