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Club News

We had the Mayor's Trophy competition expertly organised by Jim. What was pleasing was to see a number of relatively new and inexperienced people entering the competition. They did really well and agreed they had learnt such a lot playing in a competition. That has led us to try and organise an internal/informal competition for new and relatively inexperienced players. I do hope you will enter as you will have fun playing against others of similar ability.  We also had a good turnout for Twilight. We had lovely twilight evening sunshine and we all enjoyed dinner and extra Croquet for those who wanted it. Many thanks in particular to Jane and Jillian, the prime organisers. Finally, The Committee debated making prizes for Seabreeze more attractive so Clarke & Humel have now sponsored us for the tournament with $1000, which is fabulous news, and many thanks to Jillian. Enjoy your Croquet, and please come along and support Seabreeze GC which takes place between 9th to 12th May 2023.

John Tew - Presidenth



I am sure you will all have noticed that the lawns are in excellent condition and balls are running straight and true. The new lawn mower is up and running and the green keeping team are finding it great to use. Thanks to Roseanne who maintains the connection with the greenkeepers, due to weather conditions. Roseanne is grateful for her band of helpers who move hoops when necessary.

End Twilight 29th March.

We had 28 turn up for the afternoon, and it was a delightful evening with no wind and at perfect temperature. All came as asked, played a game or two, and at around 5.30pm, all came in for their pie/quiche and salad, with some baguette and cheese to start with their drink.


The Annual Mayor’s Trophy

This was held in March with 18 members taking part in 3 blocks of 6. The weather was fine and very hot, but players managed the heat and took delight in cooling off in our newly installed air conditioning! Semi-finalists were Richard Savage/Annie Yeomans and Natalia Dunkley/John Tew, with John Tew, our president being the winner.

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