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Club News

Happy New Year to you all.

The lawns are now starting to look in good condition with the new growth since they were dressed and fertilised. “Rabbit runs” continue to be troublesome both when a ball runs back after running the hoop and for making it hard to dislodge because of the groove. We regularly move the hoops and have now decided to make a third set of holes to give time for the grass to grow back. We are also investigating how one of the NSW clubs is overcoming this problem.


The Events Calendar for 2023 has been completed by your committee and a copy is attached to this edition. I would like to encourage more of our members to participate in the Seabreeze competitions and other club competitions. The handicapping system helps to ensure even novice players have a fair chance and competition will certainly improve your game – so come on, give it a go!!


You will have seen that we have been successful over the past months in securing grants from Northern Beaches Council for solar panels, air conditioning (being installed shortly) and now for a new mower. A big thank you to Blake and Dianne for all their work in this regard to secure these grants. We are pleased to note that we have recently had visitors coming to play from the UK, South Africa and Coutts Crossing (near Grafton NSW) who have all enjoyed play and our lovely gardens.

John Tew


Kylie Scotter Competition.   David Gibson has won one of the blocks in the Kylie Scotter Competition, the other block still has a few games to play. The winners of each block will play off for the title. 


Our next competition is a Hi-Lo Doubles. This is organised particularly with our newer players in mind. It is a doubles handicap competition, 18-point games. The organisers will allocate partners – a new player with a more experienced player. It is a great opportunity for both players to increase their knowledge and abilities. An entry form will appear in the club house in February. All entries must be in by 21st February, but earlier would be appreciated. Now that the holidays are over, we look forward to some more regular play on our improving courts.

Bernie Gibson


Manly, like many other croquet clubs, takes part in various intra and inter club competitions throughout the year, ONE of these being GC PENNANTS. This is a statewide competition designed to find the premier NSW clubs in 3 playing divisions.

• 1st Div Handicap of 4 and below.

• 2nd Div Handicap 5 to 8.

• 3rd Div Handicap 9 and above.

A pennant team ideally consists of 6 players, 2 playing singles, 2 playing doubles and the other two to support and assist on home game days, and to play as reserve if another is unwell or other reasons. Div 2 pennants will be played between 1st March to 2nd June. Div 3 pennants will be played between 1st March to 19th May. I am looking for Manly players to contact me (details below) with any queries and to indicate interest in playing pennants. Please give this some thought, you will need a handicap which can be arranged and not at all difficult. I am sure some of you would enjoy play at other clubs and I will be shortly circularising the Div 2 and Div 3 handicap groups. I would love to hear from you if you think you could be interested to play.

Alan Robinson


I believe some members might not know what this is. It is invitation only play between Mosman Croquet Club, Elanora Country Club and Manly Croquet Club. Elanora only has one lawn, so all play is at Mosman CC on Monday 20th February, and the following day Tuesday 21st at Manly. It took place last year for the first time, and we hope it is going to be an annual fun competition.

Jim Patterson

Twilight Play - GOLF CROQUET

Do not forget that during these hot summer days, on Monday and Wednesday it is possible to play until at least 6.30. You can always come down to play say at 4 pm when it is starting to get a bit cooler. Some members have been enjoying late afternoon play on Wednesday, with a snack and glass of wine (BYO) afterwards. It is really lovely sitting on the verandah with the setting sun. Come and enjoy !!!!!

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