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Club News

Message from the President.

Golf Seabreeze tournament was a great success thanks to a lot of hard work by club members, and the lawn mowing able to take place around the rain.  It was pleasing to see many or our newer members and higher handicap players taking
part and doing so well.  Many thanks to all those who helped make it such a success, as it is a major contribution to club finances.


Talking of competitions, the club hosted a Division 2 Doubles competition for
players from NSW on 13th/14th June, put on by Croquet NSW. 


The Committee has been busy responding to the Council’s draft lease agreement covering the next five years. We have not had a lease in place for a few years due to Councichanges and amalgamation, so it is important that we try and get the best deal possible.  We are still dealing with Council on car parking, and I will keep you up to date on both these issues as they develop.
Enjoy your croquet.

John Tew - President

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